WKU Alumna Returns to Campus | Bowling Green KY Portrait Photographer

Ann-Margaret and I are both from the small town of Russellville. We had many mutual friends on Facebook, though we didn’t actually know one another. We often commented on the same friend’s posts, exchanging pleasantries and tidbits. When her mother passed away, I sent her a private message to let her know I was thinking of her, yet still didn’t “friend” her for whatever silly reason. Finally, after a year or so of sharing friends and quips on Facebook, we became actual friends on the network. I’m very glad we did.

Ann-Margaret recently moved to Nashville from Arizona, where she had lived for several years, to be closer to family. She follows Cheree Federico Photography on Facebook and entered a giveaway I offered for a complimentary photo session for singles. When I informed her that she would be receiving the session, she chose the campus of Western Kentucky University as her session location. She is an alumni of WKU and wanted to return there for the session because of all the memories she holds from her time spent there.

We finally met in person this past Saturday. As we spoke, we found that we had much more than a hometown and a few friends in common. We were surprised that our paths had not crossed (in person) before that day. Ann-Margaret filled me in on details of the campus and we talked a lot about how much it has changed as we walked around looking for perfect photographic areas. We also shared other stories of mutual friends and such from several areas of our lives.

This post is a bit different as I’m sharing Ann-Margaret’s picks for my post rather than my own picks. I won’t give details as to why she chose them, but I can certainly understand why she did. She is a beautiful lady both in appearance and in spirit. If you know her, I’m sure you will agree.

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