Vineyard Favorites

Ric and I took a few days to ourselves and spent them at Elkcreek Vineyards and Hunting Lodge in Owenton, KY. The vineyards were absolutely gorgeous! We were there three days and I honestly am looking forward to another visit in the future. I came home with lots of photos and wanted to take a moment to share a few of my favorites with you. If you’re a friend on Facebook, I’ll be posting an album with lots more photos soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

This was the patio outside our room where I was amazed at the beautiful fog drifting in one evening of our stay.
Patio outside our room

This is the wine cellar we went in on our tour of the winery. This photo is definitely going on a wall in our dining room where it’s all about vino!
Wine Cellar


Why go to a vineyard if you’re not going to get a photo of grapes on the vine! Another one for our wall.
Grapes on the Vine

After raining much of the day Tuesday, we were presented the gift of this beautiful and huge rainbow!

The rainbow with a little more of the vineyards.
Rainbow and Vineyard

I loved the look of the fog rolling in over the vineyard Tuesday evening!
Fog Rolls In

BW Fog

On our way to dinner on the grounds Monday evening, we came across a huge butterfly bush. I was greeted by several gorgeous butterflies and was able to capture a couple photos of them.

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