Trooper | Kentucky Photographer

Some of you might recall a post about Trooper from a year or so ago. For those of you who have become followers since then, I’ll give you a bit of background. Trooper is the horse from the field behind our house. I’m not even certain Trooper is his real name, but that’s what the kids called him so I’m going with it. Trooper is a very gentle and loving horse. He longs for attention and will come to the fence most any time he hears someone in our yard. He loves apples and carrots, but mostly he loves love. I saw him outside early one crisp morning and just knew I wanted an image of him snorting because you could see his breath in the air. Trooper thought otherwise. As he is prone to do, he came right up to the fence when I went outside with my camera. He wanted me to love on him. I didn’t get the shots I wanted (maybe another day), but I loved the lighting in the ones I did get and wanted to share.



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