Textures, Shadows, and Reflections

I was invited by a couple fellow photographers to go out on a shoot this past Sunday…thanks, Alysia and Taylor. While they were having fun taking pictures of Taylor’s sister and husband, I decided I’d just look around and see what was interesting to me. Ric is always looking for different textures that he thinks are cool to photograph. In turn, I have tried to follow his lead. Here are a few of my observations…

This is a pattern in the dried mud leftover (I presume) from the ice storm we had a couple weeks ago. Pretty much the entire walking trail we were on looked like this.

This was down in an area close to the creek. I honestly couldn’t make out what the lines were, but they looked interesting to me.

I liked the reflection of the trees in the creek…

Ric studies Tai Chi’ and this reminded me on the Yin/Yang symbol. Honestly, I didn’t do anything to this to make it light on one side and dark on the other, I just happened to look down and see this.

I don’t normally photograph barns, but I liked the shadow of the tree on this barn, so I thought I’d give it a “shot”…

It was a beautiful day to be out taking pictures. I hope we can do it again sometime.

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