Rings and Things…

This past weekend, I once again had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Alysia Lawrence. I have no doubt that Alysia could do weddings by herself!  This was evident at Sharon and Stephen’s wedding…it rained off and on through most of the proceedings, which were mostly outside.  I held an umbrella for Alysia so her camera would stay dry.  Well, for Alysia to stay as dry as she could, too!  : )  Alysia was indeed working hard to get great shots of the event.  I’m not complaining about holding that umbrella.  Alysia and I were actually laughing about it.  We probably looked quite funny to the guests!  It was so good to see a bride (and groom) not panicking about rain, but going right ahead with things just as planned.  Be sure to check out the complete story of Sharon and Stephen at Alysia Lawrence Photography.  In the meantime, here are a few of my photos from this special day.

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