Red Rain Boots | Bowling Green KY Lifestyle Photographer

You’ve met Badger and Archer, now meet Julie, the girl who started it all! My husband and I were taking a walk around Fountain Square here in Bowling Green and I looked up to see the sweetest little girl dancing around in these cute little rain boots that looked like ladybugs. I just knew I wanted to try and get a few shots of the girl, so I casually walked up and started photographing her on the sly. I captured a moment between her and her mom and went to show my husband. Her mom, Valerie, came up and introduced herself and asked if I was able to get any photos. I told her yes and she offered to let me take a few more as we were talking. Turns out she creates jewelry and had been a vendor at the street fair that day. I just let Julie do her thing, not really even wanting to photograph her sweet face, though it would have been a plus if I had gotten it. Here are a few of my faves from my time hanging out with Julie and her family.

P.S…Valerie and I are now discussing working together using her jewelry making skills and my photography to offer something special to our clients. Stay tuned for the details!





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