Photography Classes

The beginner’s class is designed to help you become more comfortable with your camera and to help you take better photographs. You will learn the all-important exposure triangle, composition, white balance, shooting and metering modes, where to find natural light, and all about lenses.

You will need to bring your camera and manual, and will need to be familiar with your camera. A follow-along course guide for you to take home will be provided. You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to take your camera off Auto mode and get into the all-important Manual mode.

The advanced class delves more into the details of photography such as picking focal points, custom white balance and other custom settings. It takes a more in-depth look at actual shooting in different situations such as a portrait session or action settings and also comes with a follow-along course guide.

The classes are approximately three hours each.   The cost for the Beginner class is $175 and includes a take home booklet.  The Advanced class is $150. If you schedule both classes at the same time (can be taken different days) you will receive a $25 discount.

Choose your Class

Choose your Class

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