Newlyweds on Campus | Bowling Green KY Photographer

Bill and Jenny were such a great couple to photograph. I could see how much they loved one another just watching them interact. They are newlyweds, having gotten married this past November. After a few messages had been exchanged, Jenny and I discovered we had several things in common. First dates at Cracker Barrel, sons in the Army, being wary of dating for different reasons (my wariness 20+ years earlier of course) and so on. These fun facts had me feeling as if I already knew this couple when I met them Sunday.

Jenny attended Western Kentucky University, so she knew exactly the places she wanted to be photographed. Could my job have gotten any easier?

I had a difficult time deciding which images to share from Bill and Jenny’s gallery. I really loved the ones where they weren’t even aware that I was pressing the shutter button. That said, I’m sharing a mix of both posed and spontaneous photos. I think these show exactly how the afternoon went with Bill and Jenny.


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