My Best Man | Head Shot Photographer Bowling Green KY

When my husband, Ric, needed new head shots to use for different organizations he belongs to, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for him. His favorite season is fall and we happened to be out on a perfect morning for photos to be taken. If you’ve not been to the small town of Franklin, KY, you really are missing some great scenery. Ric and I went to the lawn of the local courthouse for his photos and I’m certain it would be a great venue to go to year-round for sessions. The day we went, the ground was scattered with lots of leaves from all the surrounding trees. There were benches on all sides of the building and, on one corner, there just happened to be a large decorative fall setting that would have made a nice backdrop. The following are a couple of my favorite photographs from the morning. My guy is still as handsome to me now as he was when I met him twenty-four years ago.

Ric Head Shot

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