Meet Max the Miniature Schnauzer | Southern Kentucky Pet Photography

By now, you’ve all met Josie B through my posts about her and the cuteness that she shares. Now, it’s time to meet Josie’s little brother, Maximus Aurelius. We gave him that larger-than-life name in order for him to keep up with the storm that is Josie Belle. We call him Max most of the time, using Maximus when we want him to feel like a big boy. Speaking of a big boy, we’ve been told by our veterinarian that Max is going to live up to his name. He already weighs quite a bit more than Josie did at the same age.

Why another Schnauzer? Well, it was not an easy decision for our household, but we were told by several people that Josie needed a playmate. She’s a good girl most of the time, but when she gets bored, she can sometimes get into trouble. She needed a companion who could play with her all day long if she wanted. This is something I am not able to do even though I work from home. When the lady we got Josie from let me know she had another litter, it made the decision just a bit easier in the end. So, Josie and Max are full brother and sister, just from different litters.

I can honestly say that I have not regretted having two pups in the house once again. Okay, maybe when Max consistently wakes up at 3AM for a trip outside I kind of think I like the fact that Josie does sleep all through the night. That has not been enough for me to think we made the wrong decision when we got Max. The two of them have played and played from day one of bringing Max home. Josie is very protective of him and acts more like a mother sometimes than a big sister. I’m looking forward to their antics as they continue to grow and interact.

You’ll definitely be seeing more of Josie and Max on the blog, but for now, meet Max…


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