Lepp Fan through and through

I’m definitely a teen of the 80’s and still listen to the 80’s on 8 on my Sirius radio. The 80’s introduced me to Def Leppard. When I bought Hysteria on cassette, just because it had “Pour Some Sugar on Me” on it, I soon became totally hooked on their music. I was sixteen and on crutches the first time I saw them in concert. Didn’t matter. I knew then that it wouldn’t be the last time I saw them live. I’ve seen them three times since then. Ric and I have seen them twice (once as a birthday gift and once as a Mother’s Day/Birthday gift). The Mother’s Day/Birthday concert was just this past summer and I can honestly say it was the best concert I have been to. We were fairly close to the stage that came out into the audience and the fellows put on a great show. My best friend went with me to see them a couple summers ago in Nashville… Thanks, Shavonna! I have all of their CDs and several of their DVDs. Most all of them are thanks to Ric. : )

Anyway, after the tour this past year, a coffee table book was available with shots from the tour. (Named for their new cd “Songs from the Sparkle Lounge”) I jokingly made a comment to my family that they could all pitch in and get the book for me for Christmas. It was a little expensive! To my surprise, Ric did get me one of the books for Christmas. And a numbered one at that!! Ric definitely spoils me too much. I was very excited when I opened the box and realized that I would actually be owning one of the books. It is filled with great photos. What better thing for an aspiring photographer to have! Thank you, Ric, for getting the book for me. You can’t know how much it means to me.

So, I just really felt like I had to put a photo of the book (with the numbered page) on my blog to share a little bit about me and to share this great thing Ric did for me. Rock On!!

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