Lady Grace | Bowling Green KY Band Photographer

Our son, Cameron, is currently a guitarist for Lady Grace, an up and coming local band. While they’re working on recording their first album, they decided they needed to go ahead and get photos of the entire band for promotional use on social media. The guys picked out a venue that would have been great, but when we got there, it had recently been remodeled and no one was getting the vibe needed for the session. I quickly put my thinking cap on and called the owner of a local business to see if we could use the upstairs area of her store. I had recently been in there looking for studio space and I thought it would be perfect for the band. She obliged and off we went! I’m not at liberty to give away the location, nor do I feel at liberty to share all the photos from the session, but I do want to share a few with my viewers just to get Lady Grace in the spotlight. They’re open for booking gigs if you’re looking for a great band to play at an event.
LadyGraceBWWeb_1259 LadyGraceBWWeb_1279 LadyGraceBWWeb_1284 LadyGraceBWWeb_1293 LadyGraceBWWeb_1312  LadyGraceWeb_1369



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