It’s in the Bag!

When I first started seeing people shopping with those reusable bags, I laughed to myself and decided that was just a crazy thing to do.  Now that I’ve had time to really think about it and realize just how many plastic bags I was bringing home each week, I don’t think it’s so crazy.  About six months ago, I started buying the bags to use for my weekly grocery shopping.  Now, I have bags for several local stores and work really hard to remember to take one in with me wherever I’m shopping.  I have twelve bags that are specifically for my grocery shopping and about twelve more bags for general purposes. I’m probably the one being laughed at now because of how many bags I have, but that’s okay…I’m helping the environment, right!  So, next time you’re out, pick up one of those bags.  They only cost one dollar most places and they are worth much more than that.

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