It Was Worth It | Nature Photographer Bowling Green KY

A few weeks ago, the theme for the Project 52 group I belong to was sunrise. Well, my house is surrounded by trees and I just have no clear view of sunrise until late fall and winter. I skipped that week thinking I would come back to it once the trees shed their leaves.

Fast forward a bit and Ric happened to be out of town for a few days. I woke up earlier than normal on the morning I was to get him from the airport. (yes, I was a bit excited that he was coming home) I decided since I was awake I would take a drive to see if maybe, just maybe, I could find a nice view of the sunrise that would suffice for my project gallery. Little did I know what was ahead of me for the morning.

I burned off a quarter tank of gas and an hour of my time in the process, but I think it was absolutely worth it…


I also came across this gorgeous view on my way home when I decided to take a road I had never traveled down…

Morning Reflections

Neither of these images are a normal shot for me, but I am drawn to them over and over again. I simply had to share the beauty of Mother Nature.

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