Hot Air Balloon Ride | Southern KY Photographer

Isn’t it exciting to spot a hot air balloon high in the sky? They’re just so free and almost magical. I seem to always spot one when I don’t have my camera on hand. That changed this past Sunday. Ric and I were leaving Starbucks and I saw a balloon basket in the bed of a pickup truck. I had Ric pull over so I could ask if the pilot had a flight scheduled for that day. I was so happy to hear that he did. I asked if it would be okay to come out and take some photographs and was excited when I was told I could.

Let me tell you, the balloon was HUGE when it was on the ground! I was in awe. I think I got a bit lost as I was walking all around the balloon snapping shots. The passengers helped get the balloon ready for the flight, which I thought was pretty awesome. I was able to get into the opening of the balloon for a moment to get some great shots of the inside. Wow, that was an experience!

Thank you to Doug Robertson for the fun adventure of photographing a balloon up close. If you’re interested in a flight, contact Doug at eHotAir . I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

If you were a passenger on this flight, feel free to contact me to view a gallery of photos from the afternoon.






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