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For the past six months, I’ve been in close contact with Inner Design Studio from Brentwood, TN as they worked with the Board of Directors for Graves Gilbert Clinic and ARCH -Design, Artwork, and Framing to gather local art for the new Graves Gilbert facility on Nashville Road here in Bowling Green.

I’m happy to share that this endeavor came to fruition last week and Graves Gilbert purchased forty-two large pieces of works from me. If you’d like to view the entire gallery, please do so at my Pixieset site: under the Graves Gilbert Local gallery. There are so many great local attractions to be photographed here in Bowling Green. I found myself on the lookout for something new each time I was out and about for errands and such.

Many of you know that I have a butterfly garden in my back yard. This is an ongoing project for me and I absolutely love working in that garden and photographing the visitors who come to taste the nectar. I tell you this to let you know that a portion of the sale was seven images of butterflies from my garden purchased exclusively for the Pediatric area of the clinic which is to have a butterfly theme. Exciting for me for sure!

I’m so honored and humbled that much of the clinic will feature my art. This means so much to me and to my business and I’m forever grateful to all who support this journey of mine. ~ Namaste

One of my favorite pieces from this project is this one of the pond at Lost River Cave:

Lost River Pond, Lost River Cave, Graves Gilbert Cliniic, Cheree Federico Photography, Bowling Green KY Fine Art Photography

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