Good Men Project

Earlier this year, Ric submitted an essay to the Good Men Foundation to be entered in a contest the foundation was sponsoring.  The winners would have their essays published in a book called The Good Men Project.  Ric’s essay, “Whatever It Takes” was chosen as a runner-up and was published in the book that came out in November.  This past Thursday night, Ric had the honor of promoting the book by reading his essay at the Logan County Public Library. I’m very proud of Ric’s accomplishment and wanted to document a small portion of the evening for everyone.  For more information about the book and the Good Men Foundation, please visit Ric’s blog at Ricardo Federico Blog.
Ric reading another of his essays, “Hey, Buddy”.
Family and friends who joined us for the reading.
Ric and his dad, Ricci, the man behind “Whatever It Takes”.
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