I have worn glasses since I was around thirteen years old. My first pair had pale pink frames and the lenses were nice and round. You know, that great 80s style! I have had many pairs since then and I really do enjoy taking my time and choosing a great frame. Sometimes I wish I could have two or three pairs to go with different colors of clothing. Last year, when I went for my annual eye exam, the doctor suggested I get —bifocals! How dare her!! She said I should consider them since my prescription was a little stronger and I’d probably be wearing them more often. I politely told her no because I only need them to read or to see things up close and I really didn’t think that would be a problem. Besides, I still had two more years in my 30s, and people in their 30s just don’t wear bifocals. Boy, was I wrong! When I went to pick up my new pair, I put them on and was quite surprised. I think my comment was “wow”. The assistant said, “Yeah, you don’t need to try driving with these on.” Now, the more I find myself wearing my glasses, the more I realize I did need bifocals. It’s become annoying having to take them off and put them back on so often. I have become someone I never thought I’d be. I put my glasses on top of my head, like most people do sunglasses, so they are always close by should I need them. I’m actually looking forward to this year’s exam so I can get those crazy bifocal lenses! Luckily, I’ll get to keep my cool frames. These are one of my favorites. I love the sparkles on the sides. So, with glasses on my face, I think I’ll go read a little now.

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