Fine Art Friday – Branching Out | Bowling Green KY Photographer

As a member of 4 The Love of Focus, I was thrilled to join their Fine Art Friday group. This is my first time to participate in this type of share as I tend to keep to myself more than I join in groups. How fitting, then, that my first image for FAF is also something a bit different from my normal style of photography. I’m not generally a landscape photographer, nor do I convert many images to black and white. So, I’ve aptly named this image Branching Out. It’s from a creek that is not far from my home and was taken this past fall. I’ve always wanted a photo of the roots, but never really knew what to do until my husband I and went for a walk one morning and I noticed the reflection of them in the creek. I just knew this was what I wanted. I hope you like it as well.

Next up on the stop is Kay Pickens | Fine Art Photography. Be sure to leave a comment on each post as you make the rounds to view the wonderful art from the ladies. They’d love to know you stopped by for a peek.

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