Big George | Pet Photographer South Central Kentucky

Everyone knows I love to photograph the fur-babies. Well, our boy George does not like the camera. Any kind of camera. Or anything that remotely resembles a camera. He can be looking right at us, but when we grab our phones or a camera, he invariably turns his head so he’s not looking at us at all. It’s extremely frustrating. Ric jokes that I should have a one challenge pass/fail test after each of my classes. The challenge? Get a good photograph of George looking at the camera. I’m not sure that would go over so well with my students because George would certainly give them a run for their money.

With all that stated, I do have a photograph of George I’d like to share. I was sitting on my back porch playing around with my new lens and somehow managed to snap a shot of the boy. He’s not looking directly at me, but that’s okay. I generally don’t like straight on images anyway.

Without further adieu, here he is…

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