Big G | Bowling Green KY Pet Photography

Today’s Furry Friends Friday brings you George.

If you know George, you know he very much dislikes having a camera anywhere near him. He runs, he turns his head, he hides. Whatever it takes to not have his picture taken. So unlike Shelby who is the camera ham. Still, I knew when I started Furry Friends Friday that I would have to try my best to include George every now and then.

George is our mutt, mixed breed, Heinz 57, whatever you want to call him. Overall though, he’s our friend. He’s loyal, loving, protective, very sweet, and never meets a stranger. He mostly likes to sleep. Playtime for George averages a minute and a half every three days. He sleeps in a kitty bed and doesn’t like loud noises. He’s our pal.

Serious George

Big G...What's out there?

Big G...Really?

George...Don't take my picture

Big G Napping

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