Art Party | Event Photographer Bowling Green KY

I’ve recently been invited to a couple of get-togethers involving local artists of many genres. I look forward to these nights when they are announced. The one I attended in March was at a local tattoo parlor that was in the process of relocating to this awesome space. (Visit Age of Reason when you get a chance to do so.) Because they were not yet moved in, there was plenty of room for the pARTy to be held in the shop. There was a great turnout for the evening and I tried my hand at something different for me. I’m not sure I’d call this event photography, or even lifestyle photography, but I enjoyed it just the same.

I’m looking forward to the next pARTy coming up April 16. It’s going to be held at Circus Square Park here in downtown Bowling Green and it’s open to the public. Stop by and meet some really cool artists. Bring your supplies and join the fun. Who knows? I might even bring my crayons and paper this time.

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