An Unexpected Calm

 We had been anxious all day about the storm that was on it’s way across our state.  We had made a few preparations for it and had checked local radar and weather updates throughout the day. Our daughter and a couple of our close friends occasionally checked in so we would know where everyone was and that we were all safe.

The skies started darkening late in the afternoon as we were preparing to sit down for dinner.  The wind picked up a little speed, the rain began falling, and things weren’t at all what we were expecting.  In fact, things were much calmer than what we had read about in other areas.

As I was finishing my dinner of lasagna (which my loving husband and wonderful son had prepared) and a glass of Barefoot white zin, I looked out on our back patio and a flash of something light caught my eye.  I took a closer look and immediately knew I had to capture this image.  The wind was blowing the rain enough that I had to be fairly quick or get soaked.   This image, however, speaks of tranquility to me.  A peaceful calm that should have been there all day along with the excitement of the impending storm.


ETA: Due to numerous inquiries, this photo has been added to my spring gallery at Cheree Federico Photography.  Thank you for all who made the suggestion that I add this to the gallery.


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