Ric&ReeThanks for stopping by my site!

I am, of course, Cheree Federico. Let’s get the official information out of the way first. I am the wife of 20+ years to my best friend, Ric. For twenty-three years, I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to three awesome kids, Megan, Dalton, and Cameron. They’re now young adults doing their own thing. Megan is a nanny is Nashville, Dalton is a soldier in the US Army, and Cameron works in a local music store and is pursuing a career in the music industry.

I also have two furry kids, Josie and Max, who are miniature Schnauzers. Josie is a little bit mischievous and sometimes really sweet. Max is a loopy, playful, sweetheart of a boy. You can read all about them on my blog. If you look through my images, you’ll see my other fur-babies, Shelby, who was always a favorite subject of mine, and George, who really didn’t want to be photographed at all. Sadly, we said goodbye to both of them in 2013.

Of course, my artistic outlet is photography.

Now for the fun stuff!

Do you know what an iced triple grande soy latte is?  If so, then we’ll get along great!

Some of my favorite things are Starbucks (I’m sure you figured that out), summer, sunshine, and warmth, and I really have no use whatsoever for winter. Ric and I enjoy having a glass of wine on our patio (again, definitely a summer thing!) or just turning on some music and catching up with one another after a long week. Dragonflies rock and rude people…well, don’t rock. Ric says I’m definitely a “glass half-full” person, but I just know I like to enjoy life and – if I’m lucky – I’ll capture something really special in the next photo I take. That makes me SO happy!

I’m definitely a Zen kind of girl! Give me sandals, an iced latte, my camera, and most importantly, Ric (who has been known to point me in the direction of a great photo opportunity on more than one occasion), and I’m good to go just about anywhere. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the tunes while we’re out and about. After all, what’s life without music for dancing!

Again, thanks for stopping in for a visit. Hang out awhile and enjoy the scenery.  Feel free to contact me by phone (270.221.0016) or by clicking here!   I look forward to hearing what you think of everything.



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