A Whole New Ballgame!

I have literally coveted a Canon 5D for almost two years.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like my Rebel XT, but just felt I could do so much more with the 5D.  This purchase kept getting put off for one reason or another (I’m not complaining!) and the last time Ric and I discussed it we decided the 5D would be mine come spring.  Well…Ric called me on December 18th and gave me the go ahead to order my 5D!  I can’t tell you all the emotions I felt. I was stunned to say the least.  I called a friend of mine to tell her about my pending purchase and was actually crying! When UPS delivered the box from B and H two days before Christmas, I had to text Ric and let him know “the fun had arrived”! So…thank you, my wonderful husband, for giving me the opportunity to improve upon one of my passions.  You’re absolutely fabulous!
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