A Morning Find | Butterfly | Kentucky Photographer

I have always had an obsession with butterflies and dragonflies. In fact, I have several tattoos which include these two insects. It seems I am always on the hunt for a beautiful butterfly to capture in a photograph. It’s a difficult task because they are so skittish. This past Sunday morning, however, was a different scenario. Ric and I had been sitting on our patio enjoying some quiet time and a cup of iced coffee. Ric told me to look on the outside of one of our windows. There was a gorgeous butterfly hanging out, I presume because it was still a bit cool outside. I went inside to get a shot from the underside of the butterfly, then went back outside to see what all I could get. I took 35 shots! These are my six favorites. The butterfly even let me pick him up and transfer him from our window to a tree limb once I tired of looking at the dust on my window.

Butterfly from underneath


Blue butterfly on orange

Butterfly with reflection

Blue Butterfly

Butterfly on a tree limb.

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